There are a lot of challenges that come with rental property management in Auckland. We have to identify first what are involve with this kind of work. However, we need not be discourage with the challenges that a rental property pose because it is a good investment when you have a rental property. True, many shy away with this idea and we would expect that many would discourage us to enter this kind of investment. However, you can still manage because when you hire someone whom you can trust with the many works that come with it, you will be able to survive. To be able to survive in managing rental properties, it would take time but it would all be worth it. When you are patient enough to learn all about the details, you will be surprised with how far you already have gone with the lessons that you learned along the way. For example, one of the biggest challenges of having properties to be rent out is the hard headed tenants that might piss you off one time or the other. What you have to do is to stand firm so that you will be able to earn the respect of your tenants. At the end, you will be thankful enough that you have been patient with them.