We might face a very big problem about rats and we are very eager to get rodent control Auckland to get rid of them. Control varies because there are different kinds of rodent around. The most common are the Norway rat and the rat roof that cause a headache to almost every household around.


We have to identify what kind of rodents must be pestering our home and learn about their behavior and the reason why they keep coming back. It is very important that we know what part of the house they like to sneak in. Once we knew their location, we are in a better position to use the right trap or bait for them. We have to seal every kind of holes so we can exclude them and lead them into our traps or whatever control we applied.


Rodents are smart creatures so they would avoid the traps and bait that we have set and we need to be patient. We might wait a day or two before they approach the traps but it would be very effective. This can help us dispose of the dead bodies easily and without any clutter. We have to be patient and creative with traps and baits.