Whether you need or are replacing a hot water cylinder, there is something you should know about hot water cylinder installation. Although installing a hot water cylinder is a not a tasking process, trying the installation process without proper guidelines can harden the whole process. Keep in mind that the purpose of the hot water cylinder is to heat potable water. As you do the installation be certain to let the cylinder stick to its use.

Why install a hot water cylinder?

Of course, the obvious reason for hot water cylinder installation is to have hot water. Nevertheless, there is more to this! If your hot water cylinder is leaking, you might need a replacement. Maybe your cylinder is okay but you need a larger replacement, you will, either way, need to go through the hot water cylinder installation process. 

The successful installation process of a hot water cylinder

The first step toward a successful installation is choosing the right cylinder. Check out the size of your cylinder. Ensure there is sufficient space in your location of installation. You may want to expand an existing space or move the location to a new location to ensure the cylinder fits well. If you need to fit the new cylinder in a new location, seeking the assistance of a plumber in case you are unsure of your skills can be of importance to have your new system set well. You would not like to redo a poorly done work neither would like the experience of your household living on cold water as you seek a plumber to assist you.

Once you are set, if you are replacing an old cylinder turn of the cold water supply and use the drain cock at the bottom to drain the cylinder. Disconnect all pipework and lift out the cylinder. Fit in the new cylinder with necessary adjustments on the piping, ensure the drain cock for the new cylinder is tight then re-install the immersion heater and connect it to electric supply. Connect the cold water supply, turn it on and refill the cylinder. Switch on the boiler and enjoy your hot water.